A Guide to Popularize a Blog for Beginner

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Every people has different goal in making a blog. Some do it just for fun or for accommodating their writing hobby, to the purpose of generating money through their blogging activity. However, regardless of the actual destination should be done by bloggers is how to make the popular blog, easily found and known well. Of course, to make the blog becomes popular needs time and serious effort without the unyielding.

For a senior blogger effort towards these goals is not difficult because of the experience they have gained. Most of them already have a special trick to make the blog become. But it is unlike the case for beginner bloggers. People who just started blogging and did not know the direction of what to do on their blog, even they mostly do not know where to start.

The first step for beginner to popularize is by creating a blog. There are so many free blogging service media that can be used but is more advisable to use Google's Blogspot. In addition to easy and free, Blogspot is owned by Google. Although the level of Blogspot domain authority is under WordPress, Blogspot is more easily found than Wordpress through Google search engine.

Google prioritizes Blogspot blog service than others. To make your own blog on Blogspot is actually very easy. One of the conditions is that you must have a Gmail account. If you already have a Google mail account, you can instantly create a Blogspot account using it. The next steps to increase the popularity of a blog are:

• Submit blog URL to search engine service,
• Register blog to Google webmaster tools service,
• Choose SEO friendly template,
• Fill the blog with articles consistently,
• Submit the URL of your article,
• Promote blog,
• Submit a blog site map,
• Hunting backlink.

Submit blog URL to search engine service

For the first time when you finished creating a blog, you can submit the URL of the blog to search engines. The aim is that the search engines can as soon as possible recognize your own blog. The trick is to access https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url address, and then enter your URL address in the box provided. Write the captcha code and submit. By doing this way, your new blog will be easily detected by search engines. It is impossible for a blog to appear in search results if the blog is not indexed by search engines properly.

Register blog to Google webmaster tools service

Google webmaster tools are required to be used by the owner of the blog or website. Google webmaster tools can monitor search engine robots activity on the blog page that we have. All the activities of search engines will be observed through this one tool. To sign up for Google webmaster tool is actually very easy. You should have Google email account. We may login with the email address of our blog and add our blog by using the button facilities that have been provided.

Choose SEO friendly template

SEO friendly blog template is the blog template structure that can present the content favored and can anticipate things that are hated by the search engines. When we create a blog and then use the template that has been provided by the blog without modifications, sometimes it has not met the criteria of SEO friendly blog. At least we have to modify the structure of existing code in it so that its structure becomes SEO Friendly.

To modify it, we must understand the blog widget command. Also, the most important thing is we have to understand HTML and java script command. If you find it difficult, search on the internet blog template that has been modified and SEO friendly. Do not worry because it seems that a lot of bloggers provide it. Do not go wrong when choosing it. You must know the characteristics of the template which is considered as SEO friendly blog template.

Fill the blog with articles consistently

Blog may not be popular if it is still empty. To make the blog easily found by search engine, we should consistently publish high quality articles. It means that the article should be unique and not the result of copy and paste. High quality article will attract many people. Learn keyword research with Google trends to find the most demanding titles. With keywords that are quite popular, the article will have a chance to appear in the search results. If you have found the right keywords, then make a few articles with these keywords and set its number and placement.

Submit the URL of your article

Every time you publish the article, do not forget to submit the article URL to Google submit service, or through fetch as Google that is exist in the pages of Google webmaster tools. The purpose is to introduce to the Google search engine as soon as possible that your blog has published articles. Google will index the URL of your blog posts quickly, and will soon appear on Google search. Remember that every time you publish the article; do not forget to do this step.

Promote blog

The purpose of this step is that the articles we publish will be popular quickly. To promote the blog we can use social media services such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We also can popularize blog by joining a particular forum and introducing a blog address that we have. Forums today are generally already equipped with a signature, where we can put a link to our blog page. You do not have to follow the entire online forum and choose the appropriate forum or sub forum according to your interest so that you can chat with other users while promoting your blog.

Submit a blog sitemap

If we publish many articles, the next step is submitting sitemap to the service of webmaster tool. It already provides the facility to submit a sitemap. The aim is for Google bot or Google search robots, can quickly and easily identify the overall content of the articles on blogs, to submit a sitemap or specifically for Blogspot site map, it is usually located at http://nama_blog_anda.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml. Submit using the sitemap.xml. Remember that every time we publish a new article, then you must resubmit the sitemap again. Thus consistently Google slowly but surely will soon index the new article with reference to the sitemap page that you submit it.

Hunting backlink

A backlink is a link URL of our blog page that we locate on other people's blog page. There are many ways that we can do to get a backlink. The most common is by blogwalking, i.e. other people visiting the blog then commented at once to put a link that leads to their blog. The high quality backlinks will give energy to our blog page, or better known as link juice.

In hunting down the backlink, we should pay attention to its links, whether the links are dofollow or nofollow. The backlinks would be worth if they are dofollow and Google has already recognized them. The backlink can also invite more visitors to your blog. Get backlinks with the white hat SEO that you do not have to bear the heavy penalties from Google.

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