The Ease and Flexibility of Web 2.0 Sites List

web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the new generation of World Wide Web that is more participatory. Web 2.0 sites list does not refer to the new technology in the World Wide Web, although it has certain tendency of the web in design and the use of AJAX techniques. In the era before web 2.0, i.e. before 2000 which are often classified as web 1.0, only people who have knowledge of web programming and design that are able to provide the content (text, images, music) in a web so that the exchange of data occurs only from the few to the many people.

Simply, web 2.0 is the classification of the web that later evolved into an era that makes all people connected to the web is capable of providing and distributing content through a web interface. A website that lets people share content on the web easily without any knowledge of web programming is a web 2.0. The example of web 2.0 sites list is:

• Blogger
• Wordpress
• MyWapBlog
• Over-blog
• Tumblr
• Google Sites (nofollow)
• LiveJournal
• Etc,

The ability of internet users to distribute content has changed the face of the web, not to mention the web as information where data distribution taking place among the few people to many people, but the web as a platform in which the distribution occurs among many people to many people. This is the essence of web 2.0. A Web becomes platform where users interact and participate. This is why cloud computing such as Google docs including web 2.0 sites list.

Web 2.0 sites list has unique properties, which utilizes the intelligence of many people collectively. As a result there is a huge knowledge base of combined results from the knowledge of many people. A clear example is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that allows anyone to create and edit articles. The result is a very large online encyclopedia with full article, even more complete than commercial encyclopedias such as Encarta.

The applications in Web 2.0 sites list can run through a variety of devices. For instance, iTunes, an application which is created by Apple can be applied to the internet serve as online store which sells music, to the user's computer as iTunes program, and to the mobile device such as iPod. It is expected to be more and more applications that have this trait in the future.

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