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Every webmaster must have a goal to drive the great traffic of their blog to earn some money. Submit RSS feeds to rss feed sites list are one way to achieve this goal. This method is very easy to run just like submitting your url on directory submission sites list or and create a blog on web 2.0 sites list. For this, it is necessary to obtain the best RSS feeds and can give your customers the option of subscribing to the categories they want.

Basically, when a blogger is sending his feeds to the rss feed sites list, this is similar to distribute content to your articles to your loyal readers. In addition, the links you have will also be displayed on the page of the site so that visitors can also come to your website directly. With this technique, it is possible for you to gain higher rank and when articles you write is really worth to read and more attractive than the other article, then the editor of the site will put your article in the main page so that visitors will click on your link without requiring you to struggled.

If you already have a basic knowledge about the importance of including your site to the rss feed, then you can also perform SEO optimization if you choose the right rss feed site. Here are the best rss feed sites list to improve the rating of a blog:

• Technorati
• IceRocket
• Syndic8
• FeedAge
• Plazoo

Technorati is one of the leading rss feed sites list to aid site run by bloggers to be more famous in the eyes of internet users around the world. You must register on the website of Technorati. If you can go through this stage successfully, you can start adding your site. Technorati will route the verification process within the varied period so you should wait patiently until your site is already included in the ranks of sites that are listed on the website of Technorati.

On IceRocket, you can submit feeds and ping to that site so that your website is indexed more quickly. Syndic8 accommodates articles with various categories and it is also collaborated with many search engines. Feedage is one of rss feed sites list that has a simple look and to get approval, you must enter the correct category. Plazoo support sites with multiple languages so that opportunities to get the verification are huger.

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