Link Building Strategy that Google Likes

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One way to increase the popularity of a website or a blogger at Google is doing link building. Backlink is still a major factor determining the ranking, especially existing Google algorithm. There are two types of link building steps that must be done in a balanced way. It is not recommended to establish links outside the pages of the site, but also build links from one page to another page on your site. The series of links that are built on the site is called internal links. While a series of links that are built outside of a web page called the external link.

Link building is part of an advanced SEO to increase SERP naturally in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). Optimization, is an important point with regard to the construction of a link that can not be seen as a daily activity, the speed of a person in making inbound links today can impact on the position and the more fatal when doing backlink spamming to boost the position. If you agree that the future of a blog should be maintained well, then give useful content to readers.

Google will appreciate a site that gets backlinks naturally. Even search engines hate a site that gets backlinks from unnatural way during the process of link building. However, a blogger or webmaster is usually resistant to safely move it for 2 years. Furthermore, they are more likely to commit fraudulent practices by manipulating link. However, Google still give top priority to a site that gets backlinks naturally.

High Pagerank

One way to attract the attention of Google to your site is to find quality links from websites with high PageRank. Now it is very easy to look for a site that has a high PageRank. Some bloggers even want to write down a list of sites with high PageRank. Logically, when you are recommended by ordinary people when applying for work, the result is different when you are recommended by someone with a particular position in the company. Thus, high Pagerank be the best recommendation for your site in the process of link building.

Do-follow website

This is the link building technique that is quite easy and high opportunity to improve SERP in Google. When you put a link on the website no-follow, you will not get anything useful. Google just like on the website link if dofollow nofollow links on the website it is not considered by google. Therefore, make sure you put the link to the right on the website Do-follow. Later, you will get a backlink if put the link there.

Anchor text

Try to always use the anchor text in accordance with the target keywords in your website. This method is preferred Google because they will know more anyone recommend those keywords to you. If you use a lot of anchor text, then your site will be more qualified. Of course, Google likes your site because of this beautiful link building method. Generally, search engines love quality sites because it really gives benefit to the reader. It is more fun when compared to doing the cheating for the sake of improving rankings.

Unique and quality article

Google also likes sites which have a quality article. Therefore, make good content and unique course that many interested visitors come to your site. In addition, the quality article is certainly more helpful the visitors. Avoid copy paste plagiarism especially for the sake of updating content regularly. This is the safest method of link building and natural. You can hone writing skills to be able to produce quality articles. Nevertheless, there are still many bloggers and webmasters who do not do this and just copy and paste from another site without giving the source of the author.

Natural link building

Try to always perform a natural activity in building a link. Ana can start by arranging your own site before linking your website to other people's websites. Make visitors feel at home in your site by providing internal links. So, in any content, insert keywords that will direct the reader to other pages on your site. Here required good writing skills and skills to provide appropriate keywords. In addition, this method asks you to always active update content.

One topic

When you do the link building process, you should choose one theme to the next. Another term is a niche blog. So long as you do this process, all content you blind still be in the same theme. Although it looks difficult, but Google like this sites very much. Try to be consistent and focus on building a website. Do not get mixed up your website content is not clear. So visitors actually become confused when reading your article.

Thus some link building method preferred by Google. You should always obey the rules given. Because if you commit fraud is detected, your site can be exposed to a penalty in the form of blocking of Google. Avoid spamming to build a website. Google hates spam activities undertaken in order to increase the PageRank and SERP position in the search engines.

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