The Benefit of Organic Traffic

In an effort to optimize the SEO on your website, there are two types of traffic that is organic traffic that comes from reliable search engines. Each time, the search engines are emerging in the world of the Internet, as a way of making it too easy with the many scripts that circulate on the internet. In the world of SEO, this traffic is very valuable than non-organic traffic. The second one is non-organic traffic. Non-organic traffic is the opposite of organic traffic, the traffic that comes not from the search engine.

Have you ever wondered where the traffic on the website comes from? The number of visitors to a website (blog or website) will determine the success of your SEO. At least there are some sources of traffic that determine where your visitors come from. The first source is direct traffic. Here, visitors know your website by typing the address directly. Direct traffic can show visitor loyalty, measure the success of marketing non-online (such as advertising on TV and magazines) as well as branding domain name that is easy to remember. Direct traffic is not included in organic traffic.

The second source is the referral traffic. Unfortunately this type of traffic is not favored by SEO master because of not including organic traffic. Traffic can be interpreted as a visit visitor who clicks a link on another website. For example, when you are open social media such as Twitter and Facebook, then find an interesting article link. When you click the link, this is called referral traffic. From here we can interpret that the referral traffic:

1. Derived from a link on another website. This indicates that the website we have a reputation and considered important by other websites.
2. Showed that the quality of content we create. All content is interesting, unique and funny always favored by visitors who are curious about the contents.

The third source is the search traffic. It is the traffic coming from the visitors by clicking on the search results on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. There are two types of search traffic here, namely organic search and paid search. Organic search is a non- paid search results. While the taste of paid search advertising programs Pay per Click (PPC) like Google Adsense and Google Adwords. To Organic search can also be a source of organic traffic from our website.

Why is the SEO master very fond of organic traffic? This is a targeted traffic. Traffic is obtained directly from the search engines have a high quality. The traffic is still looking for information needed visitors in search engines so that when the traffic visiting our blog, the traffic will read and view content on our blog so that they will devote more time to get the information they need and of course they are not going to improve bounce rates.

The second reason the SEO master liked organic traffic because this traffic is free. You can see the development of traffic on your website through Google Analytic. This is the best option where you get traffic reports on your website. This is why a lot of people like this kind of traffic. SEO masters feel disadvantaged by qualified traffic, reliable and also free.

Thus it can be written that organic traffic has the following advantages:

• We do not need to pay for it because we simply do optimization and SEO.
• Increasing credibility. Getting the first rank position in Google, would enhance the credibility of our website. Google just choose a good web to appear in the top rankings.
• Long-term. If the competition is relatively loose, the web will survive for months or even many years in the search engine page.
• Make money. We can sell our own products, selling other people's products (affiliate) or could also sell the leased space if we pretty much targeted visitors.

Organic traffic is something that does not always have the advantage without disadvantage. This traffic can not be obtained instantly because the search engines need to do an analysis of your website's reputation. The decisive thing is the keyword. For middle-class keyword, you will take about 2 to 3 months. Just imagine, there are thousands of people who make websites, and they have almost the same keywords as you. If the SEO optimization is not done properly, it will be difficult keywords appear on the first page of a search engine.

There are some simple steps to optimize SEO that will allow you to get organic traffic:

1. Web optimization with SEO. Choose keywords that are interesting and must be in accordance with the theme of the website.
2. Introduce the website via social media such as BBM, LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Path or Instagram.
3. Following such forum to get traffic.

Therefore you need SEO optimization techniques to achieve success in getting high PageRank. It takes a high skill in getting organic traffic. That is why the SEO masters vying to get it because it is difficult. But do not worry because now there are a lot of tools that can help you in getting SEO optimization with ease. Remember, avoid to do SEO optimization by fraudulent means. Google does not like it.

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