Things You Should Not Do At Google Adsense

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Google Adsense is a program Pay per Click (PPC) Google which has many takers. Unfortunately, some people feel that this program is very spoiled and easy to get angry if users make a mistake though counted as a minor error. Google is constantly updating the relevant regulations Adsense program on a regular basis. If you are found to have violated, could Adsense account banned by Google. To be a successful Adsense publisher, you have to obey the rules and never break. Avoid doing anything that is banned by Google just for the sake of increasing revenue through AdSense account.

Do not click your own Ads

This rule is often violated by Google Adsense publishers and almost 70% of their account banned penalized by Google. These violations not occur without cause. There is a possibility of someone doing it inadvertently. Things like this are common in beginner bloggers who want to try the new system on their blog. They click on ads that are installed on the blog itself. Actually you can give confirmation to the Google that you do so inadvertently. Email notifications via email and you will be free from punishment.

Ask the viewer to click the Ads

A publisher in Google Adsense is not allowed to ask for visitors, either polite or impolite, to give click on ads that are installed on his blog. There are many ways of manipulation is usually done by the publisher. For example, they place ads with misleading labeling that makes visitors confused. Finally visitors gave click unnoticed. Some examples of ambiguous sentences are confusing visitors are: the latest infor, see also, more information click, etc. Adsense has a distinctive way to identify invalid ad clicks.

3 Adsense units, 3 links Adsense and 2 searching Boxes

In the blog, you are only allowed to put 3 Adsense ad units, 3 links Adsense and 2 search boxes. If you put more than that, Google Adsense will punish you with a banned account. Finally, your blog can not follow this Adsense program. We recommend that you avoid this kind of activity for the convenience of running the program. Although you may be able to register the account again in the AdSense program, but your name has a bad history there.

Do not change and apply the new Adsense code

You will get the Adsense ad code after successfully registering an account in Google Adsense. The rule is, you are not allowed to change the ad code. Because nothing should be done by the Adsense publishers associated with the ad code is to change the color, size and banner code. If you intentionally or unintentionally alter the ad code is given, then be prepared gets a penalty from Google.

One account for ten blogs

You can monetize many blogs to be registered to Google Adsense. The number of blogs that demonetize can reach more than 10 sites. Well, you do not need to open a new AdSense account when a new blog to monetize this program. Google allows one account to several blogs. You can read these rules in the Terms of Service that is provided by Google. Sometimes the publisher did not read the rules carefully, so they just found a person of opening an account anymore to monetize a new blog.

Do not show your secret

The secret here is defined as exhibiting Google Adsense earnings. You are only allowed to display the income box. If you display the income statement, it is feared that there is a sensitive issue show CTR and impressions. Therefore, you are forbidden to display Adsense earnings reports obtained. Basic things like this sometimes still violated by Adsense publishers either to show off or just motivate other publisher to stay motivated.

Do not trap the visitor to click the Ads

To get more income does not mean you are allowed to conduct fraudulent activities such as trapping visitor to click on ads. Some Google Adsense publishers do pop up that trap the reader to give clicks. Perhaps you have experienced this. When opening a blog page, suddenly appeared notification box with a [close] in the upper right corner. Shortly after you click the button [x] you are instead redirected to another page which is actually the advertising of the blog owner. Thing like this is strictly prohibited by Google.

Similar content with the Ads

Ad placement on blogs greatly affects your success in running Google Adsense. Therefore, you are strongly advised to place an ad in a strategic place and easily accessible by the reader. However, you may not make the format is similar to the ad content. This can mislead visitors. Also, avoid advertising that is parallel to the image in the content. Google can find this kind of fraudulent activity. So, rather than you are being punished, better follow the rules.

Those are some things that are prohibited in the Google Adsense. As long as you run well and not cheating, Google will trust your site. Additionally, Google actually like a site that gives a lot of benefits to the reader. Google's preferred quality content rather than arbitrary content that does not give any information. As good Adsense publisher, you are advised to do a positive activity and no bad effect.

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