Keep the Insect Away from Your Online Nursery Plant Organically

Keep the Insect Away from Your Online Nursery Plant Organically

The plant eating insect is a common problem that every gardener must deal with. If you just get the plant that you order from the online nursery and want to make sure that it won’t get ruin by those insects, then you need to prepare yourself. There is no need to buy chemical pesticide or other kind of chemical drugs to control those insects if you can use natural way and getting the same result without have to expose yourself to the danger that comes from those chemical things. You maybe surprise to find that there are many natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen that can fight can control those plant eating insects.

Step by Step on Organic Insect Control

The very first thing that you can do to keep those insect away is to practice good gardening. It means that you need to care for your garden and plant by keeping it clean. A clean garden will leave less room for the insect to hide and reproduce. You can keep your garden clean by making sure that there are fallen and dead leaves on the ground. Clear up your garden from any dead branches and foliage. Trim the tree and the plant regularly to make sure that there is no place for insects to hide.

Before you take any action to get rid of the insect that attack your beautiful plant, you need to know what kind of insect that you are dealing with. This way, you will be able to use the proper organic ingredients to eliminate those insects. Different insects react differently to an organic ingredient, so you need to make sure that you use the right one. You can find the information quite easily in the internet to identify the insect that attacking your plant and other information about it.

Natural Product for Insect Control

Once you identified the insect, then you can start to working on controlling them using natural ingredients or organic insecticide. If you choose to use something that is completely natural, then you can try Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powder that acts as natural insecticide. It can be used to combat different kind of insects such as flea beetles, box elder bugs, aphid, ants, earwigs, ants and many more. You can apply it to your plant in the morning or in the evening when the plant are wet enough, to make sure that the powder stick to the plant. Any insect that run through it will get dehydrated and finally perished.

You also can use insect repellant that was made from garlic. Garlic has strong odor that make it so distasteful to many kinds of insects. You can spray your plant with the combination of water and crushed garlic. Five minutes after you spray it, you won’t smell the odor anymore, but the truth is, the plant will absorb it and make they feel distasteful for many insects up to one full month. This is a great idea to apply and you basically can make one in your own home.

There are other plenty ideas of using natural ingredients to repel all sort of insect in your house and especially in your garden. If you don’t have the chance to make one on your own or you can’t find the right natural items to use, then you can buy organic product that was made from natural stuff. Not only you keep yourself, your family, your pet and the environment near you safe from any chemical exposure, you also will manage to repel any insect that come across your garden and eat your beautiful plant that you get from the online nursery

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