4 Responses to Misconceptions about iPhone 6 Cases

There are many advices that go against putting a case on an iPhone 6/6s smartphone. People who insist that the new iPhone model should remain naked reason that an iPhone case conceals the smartphone’s genuine beauty, adds weight to the gadget, makes it appear thicker, doesn’t offer significant protection, and makes it difficult for accessories to be attached to the phone. While all of those claims may be true, they are actually not very accurate in addressing problems related to iPhone case. Those claims can easily be canceled and when you look into them, you can actually find opposing claims that are actually in favor of using case to clothe iPhone 6/6s. The following are four sound responses to all misconceptions about iPhone 6/6s case.

1. The case doesn’t actually hide the phone’s beauty.

If you are concerned with the fact that the case may conceal your phone’s beauty, why don’t you buy a transparent case? It covers and protects your phone without concealing its beauty. Besides, many opaque cases actually look beautiful. Search for protetor para iPhone 6 online if you go shopping in Brazil and you will find a large selection of beautiful cases for your iPhone 6/6s.

2. The case doesn’t actually make your iPhone significantly thicker and weightier.

The case indeed has specific weight and thickness, which will add up to those of your iPhone if you put it on your iPhone; however, the weight and thickness of certain iPhone cases, especially high-end ones, are so insignificant that the added weight and thickness don’t actually make your iPhone bulkier. You can still have thin and lightweight iPhone if you choose the right case for it.

3. The case, to certain extent, still protects your iPhone.

The case indeed doesn’t prevent your iPhone from being damaged if it experiences a long fall (from a three-story building, for instance); however, the case will effectively protect your phone if it falls from reasonable height. Remember that the latest iPhone models are made from glass (Gorilla glass for previous models and ion-strengthened glass for iPhone 6). Although the glass is advertised as crack-resistant, it is still glass that can break. The case will prevent such mishap from occurring.

4. The case doesn’t necessarily prevent accessories from being attached to your iPhone.

If you buy a case that is specifically designed for iPhone 6/6s, you will find all necessary cutouts to allow your iPhone to provide access to all necessary accessories (ports, camera etc.) when the case is fitted on. Perfectly chosen case will be perfect for your iPhone and there is nothing that you have to sacrifice when putting the case on your iPhone.

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