Get 37 High Authority Free Backlinks in 2017

Social Media Sites List: 7 Free Backlinks

These social media sites are some of the highest traffic sites on the web. Get free links to your website from your profile and content you share. Be sure to engage with other users to build a following and the value of these high authority backlinks.

Image Sharing Sites List: 6 Free Backlinks

Get free backlinks from these image sharing sites, simply by sharing a few of your photos or graphics! Share and promote pictures of your office, products or portfolio to their large communities. Most have a profile url, but also remember to add a description and link to images you upload.

Blogging Sites List: 6 Free Backlinks

Micro blogging sites or “Web 2.0” sites are a great source of free backlinks. Some such as Tumblr and have a social sharing component so you can build a following directly on the platform. Share blog posts from your website, curated content from around the web and unique posts.

Video Sharing Sites List: 4 Free Backlinks

Video content is another opportunity to create free backlinks. You might be thinking “Well I don’t have any videos?”. No problem, create a profile to collect your free backlink and share videos from other users, done!

Document Sharing Sites List: 3 Free Backlinks

Almost every business has some sort of sharable documents, but many don’t even realise it! Build links on these profiles uploading your pdf menu, product brochures and infographics!

Social Bookmarking Sites List: 11 Free Backlinks

Social bookmarking sites allow you to share curated links to pages or submit an RSS feed of your blog posts. Make sure it’s valuable content to build up followers and subscribers.
If you’re new to linkbuilding these websites are a great place to start, you might also like to read the best practices for linkbuilding to pick up some more tips.
Building up a solid backlink profile is a sure way to boost your rankings, and also a powerful way to promote your content. When it comes down to the value of these free backlinks, you get out what you put in. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a big time sap. If you were to build just 5 links a week it can quickly build up!

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